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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit?

Its easy! Just print out our consignment agreement, fill it in with all pertinent information, and pack it in a box with your items.

Please protect your cards with sleeves and top loaders so they will be ready to be scanned, listed and shipped out.

There is a 25¢ processing fee for all cards that are not appropriately top loaded. 

Our shipping address is as follows:

Quick Consignment 802

159 Pearl Street

Suite 6

Essex Junction VT


What can I submit?

Items should have the following attributes:

  • Cards must comp $10 or higher via eBay sold listings:

  1. Autographs​

  2. Relics and Patch Cards

  3. Rare Inserts

  4. # Cards 

  5. Short Prints

  6. Graded cards

  • All Memorabilia submissions must be authenticated by PSA, JSA or Beckett.  

Items should be in fair condition and not have any major flaws (unless the item is vintage or of high value). Items that are deemed not acceptable due to low/no demand, low/no value or damaged will be shipped back to the sender. 

For more questions on submissions please email or call us! 

What format do we use on our ebay listings?

Most items are put on a 7 day auction for $1. We utilize a window of 7:00PM EST - 11:00PM EST.

The "Buy It Now" option is rarely used but can be applied. This is usually done for a higher valued item and when a current market price can be agreed upon ahead of time.

When can I expect my payment?

Payouts will be sent via ACH or check 7 - 14 days after your auctions have ended. 
If you choose to receive a PayPal payment then you will absorb ALL PayPal fees.

What happens when an item is returned?

Quick Consignment 802 will handle all returns. You are not liable and will be paid out accordingly.


We hope that you carefully choose the items that you consign through us. This means doing market research and knowing what items are "hot" and would interest buyers. 

However, if your items don't sell then you will owe Quick Consignment 802 $3 per card. We reserve the right to keep all items that go unpaid for. If requested, we will mail your items back at our cost and convenience. 

Still have questions? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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